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Petz 4


Petz 4 was a really great game for kids. My kids still play with this game and Babyz, also from the same development team.

My job, together with the Burke Studios crew, was to build new backgrounds and gameplay elements for the fourth version of the game and then some additional art for a bonus pack delivered over the web.

Since this art was in addition to the original art, and not replacing it, it was important to add flair and polish to the game without making the old art look out of place.

In order to support gameplay the perspective of the scenes had to be flattened out and most of the ledges designed to be flat on top. Even with these restrictions I think the art came out great. I wish they were still making new versions of this game.

Steve Burke, Dan Burke, Ollie Fantz, Teod Tomlinson

Gumas Robot

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One of Ollie's fantastic and animated creations built for Petz 4