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This was a real-time rendering demo for NVIDIA. The goal was to create a storybook look and to add quality HDR lighting effects along with a host of other techniques to highlight what could be done with real-time rendering.

This was a team effort. Lots of talented folks contributed ideas, rigging, animation, and story elements.

Timbury Real-time Demo
A smattering of small concept sketches

There is a long and complex backstory to the character but the simple version is that he is the Charles Dawson of entomologists.
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Concept Artwork

While Charles Darwin wrote 'The Origin of Species', it was Charles Dawson who brought us 'Piltdown Man,' one of the greatest scientific hoaxes of all time.

If you wanted to find out more about the demo you could visit the NVIDIA website. Just do a search for 'Timbury.' You'll find more description of the technologies used and a video of the animation. The real fun is playing with the demo in real-time. If you have a beefy NVIDIA graphics card then I think you can also download the actual demo from the site as well.