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A sample of some of my work of the last several years. More to be added soon.

3D Artwork

2001 to present

My work for NVIDIA has taken up most of my time over the last several years. I've had time to work on the occassional personal project as well.
Demon Demon Demon
Just some fun renderings of an ugly guy
Simple Robot Character for NVIDIA
Real-time 3D concept and artwork for NVIDIA
Coming Soon Coming Soon
Demon Demon Demon Demon
Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon

1998 to 2000

During these years I teamed up with some friends under the banner of 'Burke Studios' to create art for a variety of clients.
Walking Man Velogic Robot Vigilante 8 Petz 4
FMV sequences for Cyclone Studios' PC game
Walking Man
Book Cover Illustration for New Riders Publishing
Velogic Robot
Character design and 3D model for Gumas Advertising
Vigilante 8
Character Models for Luxoflux Corp.
Petz 4
Game backgrounds and animation for Mindscape
Rockem Sockem Robots Arena Soldier
Rockem Sockem Robots Arena
FMV for PSX Game, Mattel Corp.
Soldier Model
High-res 3D model for Novalogic
Simple animation with lots of stones

1996 to 1998

I was able to do a lot of personal projects during these years so I took the opportunity to explore a bunch of different ideas. I really enjoyed making all this stuff.

Retro Stuff

Spacemonster Nailboy Future City Pulani
Retro Stuff
Big Computers and Rockets
Wet, belly-slapping sack of rage
Dancing fetish boy
Future City
Book Cover Illustration
Pulani's Pond
Book Cover Illustration
An unlikely submarine
Book Cover Illustration

1993 to 1995

These are my first experiences with 3D illustration done in the days when 3D Studio was a DOS program. Imagine, if you will, having to restart your 16MB 486 computer so you can edit a texture in Windows and then restarting again so you can get your real work done in DOS! Really, think about it. We've come so far.
burkebugs ladybugs bait shack pork snacks near-misses
My first completed 3D animation
Hey, what's better than bugs except more bugs
bait shack
My first useful 3d project done for a Super Nintentdo game.
pork snacks
I'd be hard-pressed to tell you what the point of this project was.
Projects I gave up on to come back to later.


PDA Sketchbook Sketchbook Line Doodles
PDA Sketchbook Sketches I created on my Sony Clie Sketchbook Sketches I created on my Sony Clie Line Doodles Quick and sloppy line drawings