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This was a simple project. I actually used the image for my wedding invitations back in 1995. The tools I had in 3d studio were primitive by today's standards and while I did the best with what I had, the lack of technology definitely dates the image.

The biggest hurdle I faced was the inability to create complex, seamless models. You couldn't weld the vertices of of models together in 3D studio or the mapping coordinates would be lost. This meant everything I built had to be segmented or built from a single modeling operation. It was huge limitation to getting things to look organic.

It was possible to create a complex model and assign the UV coordinates afterward but with no tools for editing the uv's or using multiple UV's that was an often fruitless approach.

Another constant headache was editing bitmaps in windows and doing all the actual 3d work in DOS. More sophisticated artists had a separate DOS machine and Windows machine and worked on two machines simultaneously.


Here's a very saccharin scene

Supposedly, there was a way to run 3D studio in windows inside a DOS shell but I was never able to get that craziness to work. Undoubtedly, I would have spent more time on the vine texture had the process been more workable. Looking at it now, it looks like I just got lazy.